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Wedding Planner

Nowadays, planning your own wedding has become very trendy and brides these days want to plan and organize their dream wedding on their own. Couples who do not have a lavish budget need not worry because there are a number of resources which can be utilized in order to plan your perfect dream wedding

The first question that comes into any couple’s mind is on how to start planning for your wedding. Number of people will advise you to with start determining your budget which actually makes good sense. You would not be able to plan your dream wedding without first deciding on your budget. You may want 250-300 guests at your wedding but if you don’t have enough money for that, it’s better to realize that in the initial stages of planning itself.

It is advisable if you start planning for your wedding at least 8 months in advance and for that you need to make check list of the activities normally controlled by wedding planners. That would make sure that you don’t panic even if you don’t have the required amount of money. You should just ensure that you have enough money when it’s time to pay your vendors. It would be wise that you open a separate savings account especially to save for your wedding and use the saved amount to pay all your vendors. You should ensure that this account is separate from your personal savings account and this amount should be used only for your wedding and for nothing else.

Once the budget is taken care off, then the next step in planning would be to decide on the location and date for the wedding. This is the time when you should decide that what kind of wedding you are looking for. You should decide whether you want an outdoor vent or in a banquet hall. The theme for the wedding can be decided later when the venue and the date for the wedding have been finalized.

One very other important aspect you need to consider is your bridal party. You should inform your guests in advance for the same if you want them to be a part of your wedding. The main reason this is very important is because people will have to utilize their own resources and money in order to be a part of your wedding. So, if you inform your guests later, they may not be able to join your wedding party. You should not get angry at your guests if they are not able to join your party. You should be happy that those who are joining are taking time out of their busy schedules to be a part of your special day.

So planning and organizing your own wedding can be a little scary in the beginning but later you will realize that it is quite easy and enjoying. Just stick to your plan and budget and you will be fine. So should try to relax, have fun and be a little organized in order to plan your wedding in time.